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Artisan Guitar Show Master Classes

We have selected workshop presenters with the specific goals of being entertaining, educational, and informative. Our master class presenters include respected industry members and performers such as Dick Boak, Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz Guitars, and Alex de Grassi. The workshops are included in the price of general admission.

Dick Boak – The Development and Evolution of the Signature Series program at C.F. Martin & Co.

The development and evolution of the Signature Series program at C.F. Martin & Co. was an exciting time for everyone involved. Dick Boak will discuss what it was like to work with the great players whose names are associated with these wonderful guitars and to develop instrument specifications. If time allows, Dick will share his thoughts on what the future holds for the guitar community.

John Thomas – The Evolution of the American Steel String Guitar

The American steel-string guitar has truly been an evolutional-process. John will discuss how some 75 vintage guitars were X-rayed and in some cases CT-scanned. These instruments included mid-1800s Martins, pre-Gibson company guitars built personally by Orville Gibson, turn of the last century Larson guitars, golden era Gibson and Martin guitars of the 1930s, and the rarest of the rare harp guitars. Most recently they explored a pair of electric guitars supplied by the Fender Corporation. Grab your leather apron and follow John into the imaging clinic where he will show some of his favorite X-ray images. The images will be “presented roughly in chronological order of the instruments, producing a rudimentary depiction of the evolution of the guitar.”

Sean McGowan – Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Essentials

In this class, Sean will take a look at and work through the nuts and bolts of solo fingerstyle jazz guitar. Topics of discussion and practice will include practical chord voicings and substitutions, walking basslines, “piano-style” concepts, playing multiple parts, rhythm and phrasing, and ideas for improvisation. The master class will also explore a few extended fretting techniques to add color to arrangements of jazz standards and other songs.

Darrell Jennings – Humidity Control for the Protection of all Wooden Instruments

American Music Furniture Company was founded by musicians for musicians. Their products are handmade and carefully finished for the kind of quality that is reminiscent of American furniture crafted more than 50 years ago. American Music Furniture uses the latest technology for humidifying and dehumidifying instruments for the ultimate in guitar storage, humidification, and display. Join Darrell as he explores the importance and intricacies of proper humidity control and guitar storage.

Richard Hoover – Lutherie Myths Exposed and Stradivari Secrets Unveiled (the simplified demonstration)

Richard Hoover’s fifty years of guitar making has been guided by science over folklore. In this discussion, he exposes the origins and fallacies of popular internet myths and demonstrates the benefits of Stradivari’s secrets of sound control. Interwoven throughout the presentation are the answers to Hoover’s elusive quest to truly control the voice of the instrument, and achieve sustain and complexity of overtones while manipulating the personal and subjective components of the individual choices of the player. This moves fast, so audience participation via Q&A is welcomed at the end of the talk.

Artisan Guitar Show Concert Series

The general admission concert series includes 12 great concert performances by internationally acclaimed performing artists. Our luthier partners have selected and will host some exciting and respected players who will showcase their instruments. The general admission concert series is included in the price of general admission.

Performances will include:

  • Tom Lagana
  • Tim Farrell
  • Ken Parker Archtops
  • Sean McGowan
  • Kevin Neidig
  • Dustin Furlow and Matt Thomas
  • Frank Sole and Henry Neremberg
  • Kinloch Nelson
  • Walt Bibinger
  • Howard Emerson
  • Woody Mann
  • Steve Rudolph Trio

Please check back for a complete schedule.