Mark Lemaire

Mark Lemaire

Mark Lemaire has been performing on guitar since he was twelve. Originally from New England, by high school he was writing songs and playing the coffeehouses in Boston and Cambridge. At 23, his musical world changed when he landed a job as a recording engineer at the legendary Euphoria Sound. As a staff engineer, Mark learned his studio chops with producer Jimmy Miller, who produced The Rolling Stones, Blind Faith, Traffic, and the Spencer Davis Group. He also did sessions with the wild and infamous Johnny Thunders of the New York Dolls, as well as 80’s college radio darlings Scruffy the Cat.

Mark moved to the San Francisco area in 1985, planning to perform more and engineer a little less. He opened for Maria Muldaur at the legendary Sweetwater in Mill Valley, and for Steve Seskin and Even Dozen Jug Band founder and folk icon Stefan Grossman at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, but then tendonitis forced Mark to perform a little less and engineer a little more.

Since then, Mark has recorded artists ranging from Latin quartet Cascada de Floresto experimental metal band Neurosis, as well as folk and rock artists of every stripe. Between sessions, he found time to record his guitar solo CD “Rubato, Pieces for Guitar”, as well as many of the songs that have now appeared on “Practice Makes Perfect”.

In the mid 90’s, Mark began to engineer a different kind of music. He found himself in the cloistered world of classical and early music recording. He’s recorded the San Francisco Symphony, the Santa Rosa Symphony, and many other classical groups. He still records anyone dedicated to their craft. Find out more about Mark’s recording life at

Since his divorce in 2004, Mark has revitalized his life yet again. He completed “Practice Makes Perfect” in 2008. Mark began performing with Cindy van Empel as Mark and Cindy Lemaire in 2009. In autumn 2012, they released their first CD as a duo- “Home Isn’t Home”. Listen to selections from “Home” here