Master Classes & Concerts


Saturday, April 20, 2024
11:00 AMMatt Thomas presented by Jewitt Guitars
12:00 PMTim Farrell presented by Morrissey Guitars and Riviere Guitars
1:00 PMPeter Janson presented by Rob Lacey Guitars
2:00 PMRicardo Grilli and Sean McGowan presented by D’Ambrosio Guitars
3:00 PMKim Person presented by Michael Kent O’Brien
4:00 PMPaul Asbell presented by Muth Guitars and J. Rieck Lutherie
5:00 PMWalt Bibinger and Ed Laub presented by American Archtop Guitars
Sunday, April 21, 2024
11:00 AMDavid Blake and Luis Salcedo presented by D’Arcy Guitars
12:00 PMDustin Furlow presented by Hatcher Guitars
1:00 PMTim Siciliano presented by Mirabella Guitars
2:00 PMKevin Neidig presented by McKnight Guitars
Class Descriptions


Saturday, April 20, 2024
9:00 AMArtisan Guitar Show Student Outreach Program (Invitation Only)
11:00 AMMartin Guitar Foundation Luthier Lab at Northampton Community College – Making a Luthier
12:00 PMBrock Poling – StewMac: The Luthier’s Friend
1:00 PMKim Person – The Recording Experience
2:00 PMLaurence Juber -The Player’s Perspective
3:00 PMAaron Sherrick – The Listening Experience
4:00 PMRick Hearne – Sourcing Fine Woods Globally
5:00 PMJohn Thomas – Inside the Acoustic Guitar
Sunday, April 21, 2024
11:00 AMMary Faith Rhoads-Lewis (John Pearse Strings) – String Theory
12:00 PMThe Masters – a Conversation with Dick Boak, John Monteleone, Michael Millard, and Roger Sadowsky
1:00 PMTim Farrell – Exploring Wood and Tone
2:00 PMMatt Thomas – Fingerstyle Guitar


Saturday, April 20, 2024

Saturday – 11:00 AM

The Making of a Luthier – Northampton Community College Fab Lab

Northampton Community College has partnered with C.F. Martin & Co. to create The Fabrication Lab to offer access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology and expert instruction. The Fab Lab is equipped with woodworking, metalworking, molding & casting, woodturning, recording studio, electronic programming, and graphical equipment. The Fab Lab offers a Luthier Certification Program like no other. The educators at Northampton will speak about the combined series of required and elective courses that will instill the confidence necessary to start a guitar-building business or obtain work as a builder or repair tech in established shops and companies.

Saturday – 12:00 PM

StewMac: 55 Years of Innovation – Brock Poling

StewMac was founded in 1968 and for more than 55 years has been driven to explore, invent, and innovate new tools, products, and ideas to make guitars play, look, and sound their very best. The StewMac philosophy is that if you’re a musician, the guitar is how you make your art, and if you’re a luthier, the guitar is your art. StewMac is a company built around players, builders, repair pros, and curious tinkerers just like you. Join Brock Poling as he discusses the StewMac mission of innovation and education and explores the latest trends in guitar making, tools, and materials.

Saturday – 1:00 PM

The Recording Experience – Kim Person

Kim Person is a noted Americana composer, engineer/producer, and an admired singer/songwriter. She is an accomplished vocalist, finger style guitarist, and pianist who has performed across the country as a solo artist and with some of the finest artists performing today. Her expertise in the studio has allowed her the opportunity to record great talents like Stephen Bennett, Tommy Emmanuel, and Martin Taylor. As a producer and recording engineer, other engineers recognize her work as technically exact, while fellow music lovers recognize it as effortlessly beautiful. Kim’s passion for the natural sound of the acoustic guitar has led her to become one of the most sought-after acoustic guitar producer/recording engineers in the country. Join Kim as she discusses her remarkable career and the process of perfectly capturing the acoustic guitar for others to enjoy.

Saturday – 2:00 PM

The Player’s Perspective – Laurence Juber

Laurence Juber is a GRAMMY® winning artist and an acclaimed fingerstyle guitarist. He has performed globally as a solo artist and toured the world with Paul McCartney as the guitar voice of Wings. LJ will talk about the relationship of players and luthiers and how those synergies have affected, and continue to affect both style and musicality. Laurence will also incorporate elements of his Guitarmania To Beatlemania talk providing a history of the guitar presented with historical musical examples. The Guitarmania part of his presentation highlights the cultural and social universality of the guitar and shows how robust its repertoire has been globally. Please join Laurence Juber as he discusses the important role of the guitar in music history.

Saturday – 3:00 PMThe Listening Experience – Aaron Sherrick

Aaron Sherrick and his wife Jessica are the owners of the high-fidelity audio equipment retailer Now Listen Here. They have locations for music lovers in both Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Falls Church, Virginia. Aaron is a person who is concerned about the “quality of things and the experiences those things create” He has brought that passion to the world of high-quality audio equipment. For many music listeners, experiencing music and the demand for quality audio componentry has changed in the age of low fidelity. The retail shopping environment has forever been altered by downturns in economic cycles and most importantly, the ease of Internet-based acquisition. Join Aaron as he explores the evolution in the process of purchasing audio equipment and the social changes that have so dramatically impacted the music listening experience.

Saturday – 4:00 PMIn Search of the Perfect Log – Rick Hearne

Rick Hearne of Hearne Hardwoods has traveled the world in search of “masterpieces” of nature. The mission of Hearne Hardwoods has always been the same: To offer customers a selection of some of the most beautiful woods in the world cut from sustainably managed forests in a friendly and welcoming manner. Master craftsmen from furniture makers to guitar makers have relied on the Hearne family for years as a source of the finest and most exotic woods. Rick is more than just an expert in specialty woods – he is a guitar player, collector, music lover, and he even has a recording studio in his home. Rick will talk about his career experiences, adventures, and the unique knowledge that has made him an integral member of the guitar making and playing community.

Saturday – 5:00 PMInside the Acoustic Guitar – John Thomas

John is a fingerstyle guitar player who has been playing solo, acoustic music for more than 40 years. His live performances and recordings feature music that ranges from the compositions of classic blues guitarists like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Rev. Gary Davis to the classic ragtime tunes of Scott Joplin to the Nashville playing of Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed. John’s original compositions echo those influences. He is a professor of law at Quinnipiac University School of Law. In addition to law-related publications, he has written a number of articles on guitars, lutherie, and music as well as his recent book Kalamazoo Gals: A Story of Extraordinary Women and Gibson’s “Banner” Guitars of WWII. Join John as discusses his latest book: Inside the Acoustic Guitar.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sunday – 11:00 AMString Theory – Mary Faith Rhoads-Lewis

Mary Faith Rhoads Lewis is the driving force behind Breezy Ridge Instruments® and John Pearse Strings®. She is an admired dulcimer player who has traveled the world performing for appreciative audiences. Breezy Ridge® was established in 1980 as a business collaboration between John Pearse and Mary Faith. Together, they developed a line of music strings designed especially for the professional musician. These strings were embraced by musicians and instrument accessory dealers across the country. Mary Faith has always managed the business end of Breezy Ridge® and she continues in that capacity today. Please join her as she tells the fascinating and entertaining story behind Breezy Ridge Instruments® and John Pearse Strings®.

Sunday – 11:30 AMA Conversation with Masters – Dick Boak, Michael Millard, John Monteleone, and Roger Sadowsky

Dick Boak, Michael Millard, John Monteleone, and Roger Sadowsky are legends in the world of guitar making. Each has impacted the craft of guitar making in their own unique way. Please join them for a friendly discussion that cover many topics including the craft and business of guitar making, friendships in the guitar community, environmental and forest sustainability considerations, material sourcing, and design inspiration. This is sure to be informational an entertaining master class.

Sunday – 1:00 PMExploring Tone and Wood – Tim Farrell

The sonic relationship between wood and tone is both fascinating and complex. Woods from the same species cut from different trees or different geographic regions can even have subtle tonal differences. Join Tim Farrell as he explores the interesting relationship between tone and wood in a practical manner. He will contrast the tone of guitars of equivalent wood species by playing the same song on two different guitars back-to-back and will then discuss the sonic differences. Guitar makers Bil Mitchell, Noemi Schembri, Patrick Morrissey, Judson Reviere, Eric Weigeshoff (Skytop Guitars) and John Slobod (Circa Guitars) will provide the instruments.

Sunday – 2:00 PMThe Fretboard and Beyond – Matt Thomas and Antoine Dufour

Matt Thomas and Antoine Dufour are both masters at their craft. Join them for a talk demystifying modern fingerstyle guitar. They will cover everything from the basics of tone and technique to understanding the benefit of open tunings. They will discuss ways to push the boundaries of your own playing and to find everyday practice routines that will allow players to see and hear consistent results. Matt and Antoine will cover methods to attack the strings for maximum tone, cross string melodies, percussion, harmonics, and even discuss pickup choices for live performance. Please join them for a fun Q&A format where they will ask questions of one another on how to achieve these objectives. They will also take specific questions from the class attendees.