Peter Maier – Master Realist Painter

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The Artisan Guitar Show is Pleased to Welcome Master Realist Painter Peter Maier

Maier is the son of German immigrants. Peter chose to pursue his college education at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where he majored both in Industrial Design and Fine Arts and earned degrees in both disciplines. Maier was a standout All-American soccer player and educators quickly recognized him for the quality of the “content” of his work and especially in his thinking.  At the age 20, Pratt Institute educator and renowned sculptor Robert Mallary chose Maier to assist in the creation of The Cliffhangers which was featured in the New York State Pavilion at the 1964-65 World’s Fair in New York. 

In 1965, acclaimed General Motors VP of Design Bill Mitchell saw Maier’s work during a recruiting trip in search of young design talent and offered Peter an internship. That summer internship earned Maier full-time employment on design staff at GM upon his graduation from Pratt. In the span of his 15 year career, Maier attained the position of Senior Automotive Designer for GM’s Cadillac, Pontiac, and Chevrolet Motor Division. With the exception of a two-year engagement in the Vietnam-era U.S. Army, Peter stayed with General Motors until an amicable separation in 1980 when he left to pursue a career in the world of fine art. 

His work is respected and admired globally. His master realist paintings are presented in museums and major private collections around the world. Maier will present an original painting and two of his works that are produced on an exciting process involving print on acrylic during the Artisan Guitar Show.

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