Will Ackerman

Will Ackerman


Will Ackerman personally shaped the music industry for a generation and beyond with a diverse set of skills. His unique talents include not just recognizing extraordinary talent, but capturing the work of amazing artists in a pure form to share with world. Will’s many accomplishments are legend and include gold, platinum, and multi-platinum records representing the millions of albums sold during Windham Hill Records rise to prominence. Among his many accomplishments, Ackerman is a beloved, Grammy Award-winning recording artist with twelve recordings in his discography.

Perhaps Michael Millard of Froggy Bottom Guitars summed up the importance of Will’s work and impact on the world of the guitar when he wrote “As a player, a producer, and an engineer of acoustic music, there is simply no other individual who has ever had the impact on the listening public regarding the acoustic guitar which Will has. His work recording the acoustic guitar for his Windham Hill label with Michael Hedges, Alex DeGrassi, himself, and countless others literally established the modern standard for the sound of these instruments. Virtually anyone studying how to achieve excellent acoustic guitar sound has studied Will’s work thoroughly. He is a master.”

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